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Our Mission

Surveillance camera technology is antiquated. We’ve built a robust, 21st century solution that we hope will have a lasting real impact and will better our communities.

What We Do

We make your physical security systems work for you. Our product

  • Eliminates tedious feed scrubbing, forever
  • Allows your camera systems to automatically detect and notify you of trouble, like a 24/7 security team
  • Makes viewing your camera feeds and stored footage is a breeze–access all of them from any device, anywhere, anytime

How We Do it

We built a using cutting edge software that supercharges existing surveillance/physical security setups. Our software is cloud based and is system agnostic. We train various AI/ML (machine learning) algorithms to detect different anomalous events of interest, like detection of fights, loitering, trespassing, firearm possession on people, theft, air quality monitoring (smoke, carbon monoxide, or fire), among other custom-tailored solutions.

Our COVID-19 Efforts

Recently, we’ve been helping businesses reopen by addressing COVID-19 related concerns, like building capacity/overcrowding detection, heat-mapping/fever detection, and ensuring compliance with mask guidelines. Our software promptly detects and notifies you and your staff of entrants into your building without a face masks, with abnormally high body temperatures, and can heatmap building traffic to help with disinfection efforts.

Our Pilot Program

Our Pilot Program lasts between 30 and 45 days. The goal of our pilot program is find out how our solution will work best with you, by custom tailoring it to your needs. In addition to custom features that map to your needs, you will also gain access to our full suite of features and exciting, regular updates. After the pilot period, we offer dedicated, full support and customization of our software.

See a Demo

Contact us to join our Pilot Program and learn how our platform can make your security intelligent.

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